Smart manufacturing means flexibility with cloud, online database


The manufacturing industry is one of many operating in flux as it embraces several disruptive technologies. Manufacturing Business Technology said tech-savvy consumers and digitized business models have changed things, so organizations may want to look to cloud computing apps, such as an online database, to embrace innovation.

“Cloud solutions are designed to minimize supply chain costs by providing real-time access to worldwide supplier and logistics providers through standard industry and web interfaces – eliminating additional integration costs just to bring new suppliers online,” the website said.

David Linthicum said on InfoWorld that there are a few key steps to building an online database that organizations should follow, including:

– Understanding the data and what it means to the business
– Defining the security and figuring out how data governance can work within the system to keep all information safe
– Making sure there is a path to improving how business works, and not simply just migrating to a system because it is the new thing to do

Linthicum wrote that it will soon be difficult to avoid these databases, so companies should at the very least start considering the benefits they can bring, including scalability, access to the network, integration with mobile and the avoidance of high costs. Even though many businesses are still somewhat reluctant to having a cloud-based online database, having one implemented will also give more access to data which was previously scattered across the enterprise.