Online Databases. The Future of Shopping?


One of the benefits of using a custom online database is using the insights it provides to save time, money and even stress. A new custom application called Me-ality applies data insights to one of the biggest sources of lost time, money and patience – shopping. Getting one’s information into the system might take some getting used to, for many consumers, but the Me-ality system applies the consumer’s measurements and preferences to data concerning size, fit and wearability from many top brands.

To use Me-ality, one steps into a mall’s ‘matching station,’ where a circulating wand collects over 200,000 points of reference. The shopper can visualize their results on a touch screen immediately, and refine them into a custom shopping guide germane to that mall.

Sophisticated robot mannequins are the vehicles for data visualization, wrote BBC’s Fiona Graham, through a process called ‘morphing,’ in which clothes are tried on the mannequins to find optimal fitting results, which are then uploaded into the database.

“Each size is put through every possible permutation in size and dimension and photographed at speed to build up a database of different possibilities,” wrote Graham.

The online database software is able to give shoppers real-time access to the best clothes for them, based on availability, and customers can also use their reports remotely to purchase clothing from Adidas, Bloomingdales and Guess, among others.

“There is a big shift in consumer behavior in the retail world, and it is being driven by technology,” Me-ality’s Kathleen Funke told Graham.