Online Database Provides Helpful Services to Public


Many may think that the beneficial applications of a custom online database are limited to enterprise-related initiatives. However, there has been much recent news detailing how organizations are using online databases to provide services to the general public as well.

For example, MyCentralJersey recently reported that an online database was launched in January which lists all the vehicles that were issued flood or salvage titles following Hurricane Sandy. The database currently lists roughly 26,000 vehicles, and leaders at the State Motor Vehicle Commission and Division of Consumer Affairs have impelled any prospective used motor vehicle buyer to consult the database before committing to a purchase.

“With our partners at Consumer Affairs, we have been able to put valuable information at the fingertips of consumers who are in the market for a vehicle and want to protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers,” said Raymond P. Martinez, MVC chairman and chief administrator. “If you’re unsure about a vehicle you’re interested in buying, take some time and do the research.”

Through this online database service, New Jersey government agencies are working to provide transparency into the used motor vehicle market and protect consumers against fraud. However, online databases are also being used to improve the quality of medical care and emergency responses. Wisconsin news source and local ABC affiliate WXOW recently reported the release of a new online database created for children with special healthcare needs in the south western area of Wisconsin where the city of La Crosse is located. Tom Tornstrom, director of operations for Tri-State Ambulance told the source that this new program is particularly beneficial for parents of children with special disabilities, as they can register their child and provide info about them to emergency responders and emergency departments that could turn out to save their life.


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