Online Database Used to Fuel Improvements in Health & Research


As more businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations adopt online databases for a variety of purposes, it becomes clear just how valuable such an online database tool can be. In fact, regardless of the purpose of any given internet venture, there is always value to be found in collecting and integrating feedback and other information from users. In particular, there have been a couple recent reports of online databases being put to good use for improving citizens’ health.

One report came from News-Medical.Net, which detailed that a new online database is being used to help speed up the search of diseases that are caused by a single rogue gene. The database is known as PhenoDB, and it combines information like symptoms, family history and genetic sequencing. Clinicians can use the database to share information about cases of unusual genetic diseases. After clinicians document their cases, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine or the Baylor University College of Medicine then analyze the case to determine if any given patient might have a previously unknown disease.

Speaking about the new custom online database in a recent PhysBizTech article, contributor Madelyn Kearns noted how helpful PhenoDB is proving to be, referring to it as “the genetic avenger.”

“Rogue gene perpetuated diseases beware – a novel online database comprised of copious amounts of patterned patient tidbits, from family history to genetic sequencing information, is giving researchers and providers a leg up in the diagnostic arena,” Kearns wrote. She later continued, “With its ability to hold supreme amounts of information and its nifty collaborative capabilities, PhenoDB may lend itself well to electronic medical records, providing a genomic supplement and thus a more comprehensive patient picture.”


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