Online database used to digitize Australian newspaper


Trove, the National Library of Australia’s online database, is working to add additional years of The Canberra Times to its digital archives. The Trove currently holds editions of the newspaper from 1926 to 1954. Now issues from 1955 to 1995 will occupy the database. Upon completion, The Canberra Times will be the most complete digitized newspaper in the Trove.

Officials have framed the project as a discovery tool centered on the Australian experience. The Trove website said that it also supplements search engines and helps with research needs. For example, if someone is looking for information on Australian Prime Ministers, they can find searches including books, newspaper, articles and people.

The Trove website said that the custom online database was created to provide a single access point, facilitate exposure to a range of sources and offer an avenue for niche searches.

”Newspapers are the eyes and ears of communities and an essential information resource,” Cathy Pilgrim, the National Library’s director of community outreach, told The Canberra Times. “Through Trove, people will be able to search and browse across every page and article of The Canberra Times from 1926 to 1995. By providing online access to the nation’s stories through The Canberra Times we can create a lasting legacy for all Australians.”

Pilgrim added that in May over two million visitors searched the nine million newspaper pages available free of change from the almost 400 newspaper titles stored in Trove. Of the two million visits, 312,000 were from mobile devices, displaying how Trove has extended the influence of its educational information.