Online Database Use Increasing for Business Intelligence, Education


As the cloud continues to see a surge in adoption, more businesses and organizations are utilizing online database solutions for a broad range of applications, from business intelligence to customer education.

In a recent Datamation article, contributor Larry Marion cited data from BI Scorecard’s “2012 Successful BI Survey: Best Practices in Business Intelligence for Greater Business Impact.” The survey found that while 24 percent of employees at an average company currently report using BI and analytics tools, respondents anticipated that penetration levels would reach 54 percent if challenges like cost and technology weren’t barriers.

This helps make a case for cloud-based solutions, as this technology lowers the cost over other hardware solutions. Online databases can be useful for more than business analytics, however. Startup company Approved Colleges recently launch an ambitious college database project that provides information from more than 580 schools and roughly 1,294 degree programs. The company plans to ultimately include data on all available online education institutions as well as degree programs in its custom online database. By doing this, the company pursues achieving transparency of information.

“These entries include extensive article summaries covering the full scope of information on each school that would be relevant to a prospective student and include important data points such as Accreditation, Religious Affiliation and Total Enrollments and Tuition Costs,” Approved Colleges stated in a recent release. “Each entry is designed to provide students with a rounded and factually accurate insight into the institution they’re researching so they can make an informed decision.”


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