Online database to track carnival ride inspections


The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will begin posting the results of its carnival ride inspections in an online database.

The state will roll out its ride inspection website next June, and the custom online database will include a map showing the location of every fair and amusement park in the state, according to Community Newspaper Holdings. Residents will be able to see the results from the latest inspection by clicking on icons on the map. Ride operators will submit their inspection reports online or mail them to the Department of Agriculture.

“We have concluded that bureau’s current database cannot be repaired… so we must completely redesign the system,” executive deputy secretary of the Department of Agriculture Michael Pechart told the state House agriculture subcommittee, according to the source.

Online database makes attractions more accountable

The drive to build the online database was spurred by an investigation by the group PublicSource, which found that more than half of the state’s 117 permanent carnival attractions and water parks did not turn in all of their inspection paperwork for 2012, and the state did not have any reports at all for 12 of these attractions. Only 30 percent of the state’s parks were found to be fully compliant.

The group developed its own online database application to show map locations for parks. Each site is marked with a color-coded dot showing the degree of compliance of each park. Specific details about the status of each operation’s inspection status is available by clicking on the dot.