Online Database Projects Prove Useful for Array of Users


The concept on an online database is easy enough: It’s simply a database that can be accessed via a network like the internet. In fact, databases are being used by businesses around the globe to track, manage and draw meaningful conclusions from a wide array of business data. While many organizations might use popular software like Access or Excel, online database software that allows these tools to be imported can allow businesses to build time-saving workflow capabilities around the actual data.

To understand the broad applications of online databases and how they are being used today, one can simply look at recent news. For example, in a recent Michigan Live article, contributor Alex Mitchell reported on how the Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information has now started providing a searchable online database with graduation and dropout rates for Michigan schools. In this way, an online database allows people to see the current state of Michigan schools and easily identify areas that need improvement.

This methodology allows us to track individual students from the first time they enroll as ninth-graders and has resulted in a more accurate measure of high school success for our students,” said Michigan CEPI director Thomas Howell to the source.

Another report of online database use comes from Charleston, West Virginia news source WSAZ. Reporter Jennifer Rizzi explained that a new online database is now being used by pharmacies to track the number of times an individual purchases over-the-counter cold medicine containing pseudophedrine, which is a base ingredient required for methamphetamine production. These are just two of many examples of how online databases are proving useful for big endeavors.