Online database offers info on audio equipment


An effort to create an online database aimed at classifying all of the audio interfaces currently available on the market has been launched.

Project founder Jason Horton started the effort as a way to help musicians, sound engineers and producers choose the gear they need through a custom online database, according to The Music Industry News Network. The Audio Interface Adapter Guide will consist of a website that lets users compare specifications and features on sound equipment, such as the number of input ports available.

Online database saves musicians time

The custom online database will enable comparisons of products offered by different manufacturers and weigh which one best suits their needs. The project itself is a massive undertaking, which requires the specifications for each interface be sourced, verified and entered into the online database.

“The idea came to me when I was searching the Web for specifications of audio interfaces and found it was taking quite a long time to collate all the information I needed—I thought there had to be a better way,” Horton told the source.

Horton’s project is not the only online database dedicated to recording technology. The History of Recording online database provides tools that let recording professionals and music enthusiasts search under a variety of subjects, including consoles, microphones and instruments. Biographical information on prominent figures in recording history and a library of resources such as manuals and equipment schematics are available on the site. Users also can submit their own content on subjects ranging from instruments to famous recording sessions.