Online database offers industrial chemical information


The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new online database designed to help keep the public informed of regulations related to specific chemicals.

The ChemView database will contain information on chemicals collected under the Toxic Substances Control Act and regulations developed by the EPA, according to Occupational Health & Safety. The online database application will also help chemical manufacturers use less toxic ingredients to set their products apart from those of their competitors.

“This online tool will improve access to chemical health and safety information, increase public dialog and awareness, and help viewers choose safer ingredients used in everyday products,” said James Jones, assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “The tool will make chemical information more readily available for chemical decision-makers and consumers.”

Online database promotes public safety

The online database features health and safety data and lets people scan through the chemicals by searching their usage and health or environmental effects. The online database application allows searches by chemical name, usage, hazards or regulatory information. Links to data on processing, manufacturing and usage are included. ChemView contains information on more than 1,500 chemicals and the agency intends to expand it in the coming months, with the ultimate goal of including thousands of substances, according to InformationWeek.

The agency’s goal of making information on chemicals more accessible to the public dates to 2009, when it began improving public access to the Chemical Substance Inventory created under the Toxic Substances Control Act. Free access to the TSCA custom online database containing thousands of industrial chemicals was first offered in 2010.