Online database of professors changes hiring practices


A recently developed custom online database, Professors on Demand, offers an alternative hiring model in the online education world that’s now supported by Centenary College.

The college said that online enrollment for higher education has been growing faster than traditional enrollment for the past 10 years. With online education, professor recruitment is not limited by location.

“Online education has freed us from the limited pool of professors in a local area,” says Kathy Naasz, Co-Founder and President of Professors On Demand. “Why not get the best professor in the world for a specific course?  To do that, a global database is needed with meaningful profiles of professors based on academic criteria, and that is just what we have created.”

Professors On Demand was launched in 2010 in New Jersey. The service is based on the idea that online professors and educators can work from anywhere. Professors On Demand matches online teachers from 43 states and 15 countries with institutions around the world.

Centenary College’s sponsorship acknowledges the online database on a recognized service. It allows Centenary College to staff its online classes and help educators evolve professionally via online collaboration with colleagues.

Instead of taking the traditional route of posting a job advertisement and waiting for applications, institutions can now search the online database and find an instructor who best matches its needs. It matches requirements for teaching experience, formats taught, knowledge areas, degree level, industry experience online, competency score and learning management system.

This database redefines the way the hiring process is performed and opens up possibilities of new ways to achieve commonplace tasks in different business worlds.