Online database of energy regulators curbs confusion


A new online database is available from Advanced Energy Economy that shows information about energy regulation bodies across the U.S., as well as key energy information for each state. The database also features a tool to allow users to compare states side-by-side to see how they measure up.

Each state has its own commission, according to AEE, with most commissioners appointed by governors. There are likely 200 public utility commissioners across the country, with an annual turnover rate of approximately 25 percent. This new online database, called the Public Utility Commissioners Portal, will allow those interested to keep an eye on developments with key players in their state and across the nation. Up to four states can be compared by those browsing the database.

“For making our energy system more secure, clean and affordable, state public utility commissions are the most important institutions most people don’t know anything about,” says AEE and AEE Institute CEO, Graham Richard. “The new PUC Portal will help our members, policymakers, media and the public better understand how electric and natural gas utilities are regulated at the state level and get key information on the energy circumstances in each state.”

Mashable said use of an online database may be intimidating for many businesses, but there are now many tools that can help easily share information and ideas with others online by featuring an easy-to-use interface and pre-made templates. Organizations can also build custom databases easily, such as the PUC Portal, if they wish to make their database a bit more unique.