Online database helps users find foods they crave

A growing number of services are using online databases to help hungry users find foods they crave at nearby restaurants. The rise in online review sites and apps for finding specific types of businesses make it easier to create a custom online database for finding local restaurants and perusing their menu options.

Foursquare, for example, has spent four years collecting information submitted by its 44 million users, and it is pushing to demonstrate the usefulness of its sizable online database by offering members a valuable service. The company is working to boost the search services of its apps by letting people look for dishes offered on local restaurant menus, according to CNET. The service will utilize an online database of 500,000 restaurants and 43 million foods provided through its menu partners Locu and SinglePlatform. Users will be able to enter a specific menu item and see a list of restaurants where a particular dish is served.

Online database creates fun competition

The startup company FoodieQuest is developing an app designed to make finding food a competition among friends, according to TechCrunch. FoodieQuest will let people submit photos of food and then have users vote on which looks the most appealing. An online database will include food images that users can search by location, restaurant or food type.

“When we have a database of value, that is the point when we reach out and say what value can we provide to restaurant groups all around the world,” FoodieQuest founder Ben Hall said in an interview.