Online database helps residents fight back against crime


ReportIt, a new online database in Richmond County, Georgia, securely stores the serial numbers of valuable items owned by county residents. In the event the items are stolen, they can be easily identified and returned. The Richmond County sheriff’s office encourages residents to take advantage of this new site so the police can better protect private property.

According to WJBF, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office encourages residents to track their valuables through this free system. The sheriff’s office has only employed the custom online database for a few weeks but has already reported success. Officers recovered an Apple iPad, a pistol and six items still pending investigation, explained Lieutenant Jimmy Young.

ReportIt is open to the general public and offers corporate accounts to track supplies, inventory, tools and any other material assets.

Information contained in the database can only be seen when a username and password are entered. Police can’t access the personal information, but if anyone has property stolen they can print the stored data information and bring it to the police.

For potential users wary of database security, ReportIt coordinators stated that they employ the same secure socket layer (SSL) encryption protocol used by government agencies, banks and payment processing services.

WJBF said that ReportIt is part of LeadsOnline, a national system that works with police across the country to return stolen items from jewelry to designer clothing to electronics to their rightful owners. Unlimited serial numbers can be stored on the site as well as pictures, receipts and item descriptions. Users should track anything they consider valuable. This not only comes in handy when returning a stolen item, but also when someone has to fill out an insurance claim.