Online database helps farmers manage their fields


The productivity of farmland in California’s Salinas Valley has led to the development of a new online database designed to help farmers better manage their crops.

The University of California Cooperative Extension developed its CropManage online database to help farmers determine how much water and fertilizer they need to use on individual fields, according to The Salinas Californian. The online database application can help farmers by providing estimates of how much nitrogen fertilizer should be put on a crop. The program comes up with the figure by analyzing nitrogen test data that has been uploaded to the website to produce computer models showing how much fertilizer is required to boost production in any given field.

Online database can be used in the field

Users can keep up with irrigation schedules and fertilizer usage on multiple fields at once while sharing the data with others from the same farming operation. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used to access the custom online database, providing farmers with a way to view the information while working in the field.

Irrigation and nitrogen usage on crops were the focal points of a study recently conducted in Salinas by the University of California. Researchers examined fertilization and water management practices on strawberry fields to document how soil and nitrogen reacted to current farming practices in the area, according to Nature World News. The study revealed that nitrogen fertilization practices do not match the amount needed by strawberry plants and that the amount of fertilizer used could be reduced without harming productivity.