Online database featuring military campaigns launched


A new custom online database will soon be made available that features information from the U.S. military and coalition aerial bombing campaigns over the past 100 years, according to Air Education and Training Command. The database is called the Theater History of Operations Reports and was assembled by Lt. Col. Jenns Robertson. It is now available as a full-scale research tool and features digitized paper mission reports starting from World War I to show the history of bombing across the world. Robertson said this can be used by academic researchers, military commanders past and present and government agencies, as well as other who are interested.

“The most exciting part is that I can’t envision all the ways this can be used,” Robertson said. “This is a data trove that allows us to look over the last 70-100 years of bombing data, how we’ve conducted wars for the last century using airpower, and if we can’t pull lessons out of that, then we’re not doing our job.”

As it stands, there is access to 58 different aircrafts, bomb information and more from WWI, WWII and Vietnam era bombings, with the most recent wars having more complete sets of information. The online database also features data from Australian, New Zealand and South African aerial missions.

A company doesn’t have to be a military or government body to use a good custom online database, as Demand Media said organizations can save money from licensing fees, have more flexible use of their information and see improved technical support from previous solutions. There will also likely be be better access from anywhere in the world at all times of the day, making an online database the ideal solution for information that has no closing time.