New Technology Allows SMBs to Harness the Power of Data Analysis


In a recent article in the Washington Post, contributor Santiago Becerra detailed the disruptive nature of big data to small and medium-sized businesses.

“New technology has leveled the playing field for SMBs by driving down the cost to deliver and maintain technology,” Becerra wrote. “And while SMBs may not have access to traditional big data resources and service providers, they’re utilizing sources of ‘little data’ every day.”

Becerra outlined four tips SMBs can follow to use the power of big data analysis in 2013: ditching Excel, embracing mobile data access, using custom CRM to generate data visualizations, and adopting the mantra that “less is more.” Becerra indicated that taking a visual approach to data through custom database software can help to simplify key metrics.

“Interactive, compelling designs will help your team share data in a meaningful way and will help you further your goals to outshine the competition,” Becerra stated.

Using “big” as a modifier for “data” is optional, and it has become increasing clear that data of all sizes is fueling enterprise. An article out earlier this year in Inc. magazine referred to data as “the new oil,” and predicted that data alone will drive every component of marketing moving forward. The source additionally maintained that small companies can use big data techniques to make marketing increasingly effective.


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