Database Software Can Help Put Data to Use for Marketing Initiatives


Custom CRM software solutions have long been a part of plans to expand marketing strategies and strengthen customer loyalty. However, multiple sources have noted recently how big data should be informing and shaping such initiatives. In a recent ClickZ article, contributor Krishnan Parasuraman highlighted how as many marketers look to gain an edge on their competition, more businesses are looking to database software that can help extract valuable findings from large amounts of data.

Parasuraman indicated that big data platforms allow businesses to incorporate and analyze data from multiple audience touch points, including: email responses, site activity, search or display ad clickthroughs, social engagement, location preferences and general consumer behavior. Plus, the larger the volume of cross-channel data that is collected, the more precise the output of analytical models.

The source explained that observed early examples of corporations having marketing success with the use of data analytics demonstrate the tangible benefits of this sort of approach. In a recent article, The Guardian’s Jon Baron noted that simply owning data does not necessarily lead to successful marketing, but rather, generating significant insights from that data is what allows the bridging of marketing strategies.

“If the opportunity is taken, the practices of accurately pre-empting the next big wave of consumer activity by analyzing the past will be a possibility open to all marketers,” Baron wrote. “In short, big data is the raw material that makes this invaluable foresight a possibility. Big marketing, and the tools that enable it, is the pickaxe that makes it a reality.”


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