Database app helps people remember dreams


An effort is underway to build an online database of dreams to help people remember and share the things they experience while sleeping through a new app called SHADOW.

The online database application has several functions designed to help people recall their dreams, including a voice-activated recorder for people to recount their dreams and an ascending alarm clock that gradually gets louder to ease the transition from asleep to wakefulness, according to LiveScience.

Database makes sharing dreams widespread

People who use SHADOW can choose to keep their dreams private or send them to the cloud, where they can be stored in an online database for others to reference. The public data can be used by other dreamers to look for patterns or seek deeper meaning in their dreams, or by researchers who study how the mind works during sleep. Most professionals who study dreams currently have access to only a small dataset. The app and custom online database could vastly expand the reach of research projects to include people from diverse cultures.

The app is free to download and is available for Android and iOS devices. SHADOW inventor Hunter Lee Soik hopes to eventually use the online database to teach people how to experience lucid dreams or help them reach out to dream interpreters, according to VentureBeat.

“People are now quantifying everything from sleeping to moving to eating,” Soik told VentureBeat. “But dreams are a dataset that is literally being forgotten about every night. It’s because there is no easy way to document them. Quantifying dreams is about more than technology, we want to quantify the subconscious mind in a way that helps you understand the self.”