Consumer Trends Lead to More Mobile Apps for Business


The rising popularity of smartphones is transforming not only the way that consumers shop and find information about products, but also the way that businesses seek to interact with consumers. A recent article for The Financial reported that more businesses are developing mobile apps and custom applications to better cater to their targeted consumers.

The Financial cited a recent study from ForeSee on mobile trends, which revealed that mobile phone use is increasing dramatically. The report also found more than 33 percent of all survey participants accessed a retailer’s website from a mobile device, which is up from 24 percent in 2009. The Financial cited another study, from Nielsen, that found the number of smartphone owners nearly doubled from 2008 to 2009, predicting that smartphones will be the primary enablers of consumer shopping by 2015.

“Mobile apps for business has made it easy for customers to find the deals they are looking for online whilst giving retailers the opportunity to locate their ideal customers and gain more leverage in their chosen niche,” The Financial stated. “Deal sites, in particular, are thriving, thanks to mobile apps for businesses as both customers and business owners are finding each other using smartphones and the right mobile apps.”

Building a custom application for business doesn’t have to be intimidating, and a recent article from Tab Times stressed the value of ignoring any negative hype to discover the value of mobile apps. The news source indicated that many industry professionals expect an increasing number of businesses to venture into this realm in 2013.

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