“That Cloud Looks Like My House!” Using online databases to organize your life.


Using online databases to organize your life

They say the only constant is change. If you don’t believe that, then it’s time to put down that pen and notebook and look around a little. It wasn’t that long ago we all started talking about smart phones and even less time since we got on board with tablets and online databases. Despite those tight timelines, most of us are using some kind of cloud-based applications either in work or at home and we certainly aren’t carrying around a computer to do it. The world is getting smaller and faster every day. And like it or not, we must let go of our old ways of working and living to keep up.

PC vs. PC

Cloud computing and online databases have radically altered the way we do business our personal lives and are about to get the cloud treatment. Research firm Gartner predicts the personal cloud will replace the personal computer as the central hub of our digital lives and activities as early as 2014. Users toting tablets and smart phones accessing web applications, personal data and documents whenever, wherever and using whatever device they prefer for a particular activity means the chains of in-computer storage will soon be broken. Now, this doesn’t mean you should take your Mac Book and throw it in the garbage (give it to me at least) but it may be a good idea to toss the way you currently organize your life in the trash.

Truth is, many of us are already using online databases in the cloud for one thing or another. Cloud services like Evernote, Flickr and Dropbox are just a couple of cloud-based systems giving users the capacity to personalize, organize and share from anywhere. Personal cloud has the potential to expand on and use almost any service available on the Web to user specification—that is of course, if you can organize and tag items properly within the personal cloud.

In the very near future…

Personal online databases can be linked up to your life to tell you when you’re out of a particular item, where you can buy and if it’s on sale. Perhaps an appliance in your home is on the fritz? The personal cloud will let you know. Online shoppers will be able to browse aisles of reserve items that are actually in-store and price shop among retailers.

In the now

The more relatable benefits of personalized online databases include increased security and privacy of your information, consolidation of information and management of personal social media. Storing important files and info in the cloud can save a lot of stress and anxiety when a phone or tablet are stolen. Storing and organizing online also makes it possible to amalgamate and consolidate each of the tools and resources used in daily life to organize and communicate. For social media, apps like HootSuite allow users to simultaneously manage Facebook and Twitter sending consistent messages and images to friends and followers. For personal organizing apps like MyLifeOrganized allows users to synchronize tasks and documents for access on computers, iPhone or Android including a handy ranking and reminder system.

Remember, change is tough but getting left behind is even worse.