Cloud database can be a big opportunity


There is more pressure than ever for the IT department within an organization to deliver improved services from fewer resources. Industry professional Rex Wang wrote on Forbes that using a cloud database may be a way to do this and be successful as a CIO.

“A typical enterprise has hundreds or thousands of different applications, often running on dedicated stacks of software and hardware from a mix of different vendors,” he said. “The results are high-cost, unused capacity, unnecessary complexity, and constrained flexibility. Cloud databases provide a tremendous opportunity to simplify IT by standardizing, centralizing, and automating.”

Consolidating as many applications as a company can onto a shared platform can help get rid of excess capacity, lower costs, improve flexibility and consolidate everything into one infrastructure, Wang said. Most applications, database software and middleware can be run without charges, thereby saving even more money for the IT department.

Making this move to an online database may take some time, but Wang said it is well worth it due to the measurable return on investment it can bring, as well as the ability to quickly deploy a long-term project on such a platform.

IT professional David Linthicum wrote in InfoWorld that cloud database providers can help with transaction processing and analytics, as well as reduce the amount of complexity organizations have to deal with.

“The key initial driver is the move to more single-purpose databases. Its use in the public cloud is largely driven by small tactical enterprise IT projects that end up using database-as-a-service providers out of sheer need for the technology, as well as limited budgets,” he wrote.