Centuries-old library updating online database


Since November of 2012, staff of the Nahant Public Library in Nahant, Massachusetts have been copying catalog information for approximately 30,000 books at the library, which was founded in 1819. A new online database is being used to help bring the library into the present day – and organizers said staff’s spirits have been heightened by the innovative project.

Director Jen Inglis said there is finally a light at the end of the stacks as the library has fought to keep its status as a valuable resource within the community. Having an online database in place will help the library in many ways, she believes, including making the library eligible for a greater number of grants.

“There’s lots of areas we can grow,” said Inglis. “We have top-of-the-line systems for 1895, but we need to do some work.”

Inglis said having the database in place will allow them to get to other issues, such as fixing windows, tiles and other architectural elements of the library.

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