3 Ways to Make Your Online Database More Efficient


Online databases in their own right are a very efficient tool for any business to utilize. Whether you have had an online database in place for years or have just made the move to an online database, there are several way to make sure your online database continues to be an efficient tool. Many of the tips out there require extreme technological knowledge to truly understand, so I have outlined a few options below that are easy to understand for all.

1. Simplify Your Online Database

I know it sounds easy to just “simplify” your online database; however there are many ways to go about this. The truth is, day-to-day work can quickly decline and be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to identify which activities can be automated so the vital day-to-day work does not pile up and become neglected. Most importantly, focus on reducing the steps needed to do any given task to the fewest possible. Make sure all needed information is present instead of forcing a user to search for it, wasting valuable time. You need to make sure your online database is more than just a tool you simply added in. It needs to be streamlined to ensure the system is not clumsy and more of a burden than a blessing to users.

2. Recognize Vulnerabilities

Improving security measures you take to protect your online database should be a go-to method for you to ensure your online database runs smoothly and isn’t compromised in any way. Your online database may have vulnerabilities that are simple or complex. For example, poor architecture of an online database including weak forms of encryption or improper key storage can result in vulnerabilities that are difficult to fix. Another example could be misconfigurations where online database configuration options are set in a manner that compromise security. By making sure your online database is secure and remedying any vulnerability, you are fortifying your online database as a consistent efficiency tool for your business.

3. Data Clean Up

Regular cleanup of an online database is critical to the overall efficiency and stability of your online database. If an online database is on a continuous cleanup schedule, the cleanup process will be brief every time it is performed. If you put it off for a long time, the first cleanup will be a bit challenging. A good strategy to use when cleaning up your online database is to execute it while the site is still receiving traffic. Before you go with this approach, make sure you consider the time it will take for the delete to be completed, the possible impact on the live site, and adjusting your approach as required. Deletes can run for hours, days, or even weeks to catch up with the existing data. Make sure the process can run without disrupting the site.

As you continue the use of your online database, make sure you are consistently looking for new areas of improvement whether it be security, data clean ups, or automating everyday tasks. Online databases become more efficient as new improvements are made to the system. Staying ahead of the curve when about how to improve your online database is vital for your business to operate productively and to best ensure maximum effectiveness.