3 Smarty Pants Ways to Improve Your Online Database


Still confused about online databases? For those playing catch-up, we’re talking about a web-based system designed to store and organize information. Online databases service is delivered via the internet and allows subscribers to collaborate from different locations making information updates, setting notifications and administering activities in real-time. They are are highly customizable and can link to standardized or customized applications built to improve or analyze business functions, client interactions and employee activities.

For those already online, in the cloud and creating apps before breakfast, it’s time to start thinking about making a good thing great. Here are three ways of strengthening your knowledge and enhancing your online database’s performance.

Know your data

It may feel like you inherently know your data, but do you really? Yes, it exists, and each of the many data elements and datasets have a name, a storage designation, and entry protocol – but how they come together and relate to one another may be less clear. Be sure to gain a true understanding of how data elements are defined, how they influence each other and what activity warrants a database entry – and just for the heck of it, ensure that your team shares understanding of company data and where it belongs. This will also come in handy if there is an error or data is lost, wiped or stolen. You’ll know what is missing and the impact of that loss.

Are you ready for a meltdown?

So, you’ve migrated to the cloud and things are going well. Wonderful! If you’ve been working away without issue for some time now pause for a second and ask yourself, “how long can this last?” Are you confident about your online database long term performance, and reliability? What about security or consistency of user practices? Hold yourself and your team accountable to knowing when and how data is accessible as well as the requirements around privacy and confidentiality. Your team should also be ready for an outage or issues with your service provider and have mapped out a plan to get you back up and running ASAP.

Call in the cleaners

Sometimes it’s ok to throw a little money at something to get it done right. Finding a reputable company to run some checks and balances within your online database can give you piece of mind concerning data integrity. A professional scan and cleaning of information within your online database can reveal critical errors, incorrect entries and improperly assigned data elements that may have been mucking up your analytics for some time. Expert data analysts and cleaners can also help you with implementing cleaner entry methods going forward.

Whether you’re new to cloud computing or a budding online database pro, keeping up to speed on the changes in technology can significantly impact your operations and your bottom line.


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