3 Reasons Why a Custom Online Database is the Right Choice


According to a new survey conducted by Evans Data, the number of developers utilizing in-memory databases increased 40 percent worldwide over the last six months, from 18 percent to 26 percent. Thirty-nine percent of developers worldwide say they aim to integrate in-memory databases into development work within the next year. Custom online databases are one of the top tech trends, and using one for business solutions has more benefits than ever. Here are just three of them.

1. Ask questions, get answers.
One of the inherent advantages of using an online database is that it presents information in an immediately accessible, utilitarian way. It is easy to query information and scour data for insights in an online database, but more importantly, the intelligence is organized in such a way that moving from question to answer is a seamless process, according to Ars Technica. Data can be more easily juxtaposed and analyzed for meaningful insights, turning a problem into a solution with ease and clarity.

2. Learn something while you’re at it.
One of the most intriguing attributes that an online database software offers is customization. Organizations can utilize employee knowledge, as well as their own goals, when developing a database to suit individual needs. That way, personnel can be instructed quickly and optimally in information usage and insights can start arriving immediately.

3. Mind the gaps.
A culture of custom CRM users will be better able to manage the flow of information and cut down on duplicate or missing data, according to Smart Data Collective. An online database acts as a better analytical map of information, since the intelligence is all present and visible – it just has to be located and organized.