TrackVia Presenting @ Who’s Who Event in SF


On Thursday, May 23rd, TrackVia will be among a handful of spotlight tech firms presenting at “Under the Radar“, one of Silicon Valley’s premier technology conferences held in San Francisco. The annual event illuminates the latest innovations in business technologies. Show organizers invited TrackVia’s CEO, Pete Khanna, to talk about the growing number of enterprises and business people building their own custom department applications using powerful online databases and application platforms like TrackVia.

“Only the most innovative emerging technologies are invited to present their solution to the expert panel at Under the Radar, which includes VP and C-level execs at Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce, Google, Virgin America, Bank of America, and more, who are looking to partner, purchase, or acquire innovative new technologies,” said Debbie Landa, CEO, Dealmaker Media/Under the Radar. “We are extremely pleased that TrackVia will be sharing its next-generation business technology with hundreds of highly-influential attendees.”


In his keynote presentation, Pete will highlight why so many end-users find it difficult and frustrating to use generic enterprise or department software and applications to do their critical day-to-day work. Moreover, he’ll discuss the next chapter in the Consumerization of I-T movement around enterprise software, and how solutions like TrackVia are making it radically faster and easier for non-technical business people to build their own custom solutions for everything from sales and CRM to marketing, inventory tracking, and project management.

Presentations from the “Under the Radar” event – including TrackVia’s presentation – will be posted on the event’s website later this week. Make sure to check it out and tell us what you think.