Dave Taylor Shows Why TrackVia is Better than Spreadsheets


Let’s face it: spreadsheets (like Excel) are great if you’re crunching numbers. But too often, we just use them to make lists of data we need keep track of. It works — sort of. But in the end, it’s kind of like pounding a nail with the handle of a screwdriver (c’mon… you’ve done it at least once!). It “sort of” works, but it’s not the best, easiest or most convenient way to get the job done.

Noted tech expert Dave Taylor, the founder of four Internet start-ups and the host of the popular “Ask Dave Taylor” tech support blog recently discovered that TrackVia provided the perfect solution for a business problem he had. Check out this video to see how TrackVia made his life easier.

Dave’s been in tech since 1980. Is he good at Excel? Of course, but it’s not the right tool for many of the jobs we all ask it to do. Millions of people turn to Dave for advice on the best way to get things done, and Dave found TrackVia to be the right tool for this job. Since TrackVia is completely customizable, it’s always right for whatever your data management and reporting needs are.

Check out Dave’s solution, and if you solve a problem with TrackVia, drop us a line. Who knows… maybe we’ll make a video from your solution here on our blog!


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