Dead people, body parts and stranded motorists. Citizen Developers Sure Are Creative!


TrackVia’s Annual List of Most Intriguing Citizen Developer Business Apps Announced

I’m proud and honored to officially announce this year’s list of 10 “Most Intriguing Business Apps” for 2013.  While our annual list is a fun look at some of the creativity of solutions being built using TrackVia’s do-it-yourself application platform, it also points to the growing role of the Citizen Developer across a multitude of industries. These professionals clearly have a unique perspective on the business applications that they need to improve business processes and optimize workflow. And with TrackVia citizen developers found a way to really do it.

The list of 2013’s Most Intriguing Citizen Developer Apps:

  • Cadaver Body Part: Innoved Institute designs, develops, and implements comprehensive continuing medical education services worldwide. The company accepts medical tissue from qualified donors and distributes them to medical schools for education and to hospitals for patients and transplant procedures.
  • Stem Cell Treatment: Cell Surgical Network developed a business app that supports how the company tracks patient progress throughout the course of stem cell treatments.
  • College Campus Access: The University of Minnesota developed an app that allows the Psychology Department to manage access to the department. Now the department can handle requests for keys or student ID access through a web form submission, evolving from a manual pen and paper process.
  • Roadside Assistance:  Moving from pen and paper to a digital solution, Zippyunlocks tracks roadside assistance calls and assigns calls to an agent. The app also ensures correct payment is received.  
  • School Computers: C&C International providers computers to Florida school districts and developed a business app that tracks where the computers are by location and serial number. When there’s a service call, technicians use the app to create a work order and assign the issue to be fixed.
  • Movie Studio Events: Logistics developed an app to manage event status and security tracking for large movie studio events. The company developed a dashboard to provide real-time updates to their clients and movie studios about movie premier events.
  • Aircraft Tools: Air Works created an app to manage the inventory of aircraft tools and equipment. The custom app incorporates a bar code scanning feature that collects mobile data through the use of the TrackVia iPad app.
  • Elevator Parts: Sales reps at a global elevator manufacturer needed more than a spreadsheet could offer for inventory and supply chain management. The team now relies on an app that incorporates a product catalog that also tracks the costs and quantity sold for the sales team. Reps track their purchases of elevator parts and supplies to see who is generating the most savings and the vendors they are using
  • Not-For-Profit: Kenya Keys developed an app to track donors, students, sponsorships and donations as the non-profit focus on helping students in Kenya continue their education.
  • Outdoor Clothing and Gear: A global outdoor clothing manufacturer with hundreds of retail stores developed an app to track product data such as fabrics, colors, sizes, and trim, through the manufacturing process

A big toast to the winners and all of the Citizen Developers out there. To see and learn more about some of our fantastically brilliant customers, check out our customer videos and use cases.

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