Upcoming Deadline? Exceed Presentation Expectations


To give a unique and memorable presentation, you have to do so much more that simply preparing a PowerPoint, speaking points, and answers to possible questions that may come from your audience. If you have a presentation coming up, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience so you aren’t lumped into the ever-expanding group of cookie cutter presentations that are forgotten the moment they are over. You need to captivate your audience’s attention.

It sounds simple enough, right?

Though it may sound simple, for many it’s difficult to create a memorable presentation that impresses anyone. The key is to go beyond merely presenting your work with some slides and statistics. Apply your imagination and passion when you are creating your presentation. Doing so will help you find new and creative ways to get your message across.

This leads me to my next point—don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic when you are presenting. Forget about being confident, if you are enthusiastic about your message, it will be difficult for your audience not to catch on and become just as passionate as you are. Steve Jobs, an incredibly dynamic presenter, was known for his passion and excitement for computer design. Every presentation he gave made a lasting impression because he conveyed his own passion so convincingly. You can inspire your audience in the same way by not being afraid to present the real passion you have for what you are presenting.

Keep your presentation simple

Though passion is an inspiring thing, don’t get carried away and dilute your message with too many details that your audience misses the big picture. There’s a fine line between being enthusiastic and becoming over enthusiastic, getting sidetracked with tangents about details that don’t help form a big picture. Your presentation should ultimately hone in on the core of your message. One of the hardest things to manage is keeping a presentation simple, but simplicity is important to a great presentation and will make it easy to remember for your audience. Focus on your message, refer back to it throughout the presentation, and make sure it is the one thing your audience walks away with at the end. This will help you effectively structure your presentation and your audience won’t get bogged down trying to wade out of a sea of unnecessary detail.

Make a visual impact

Another way to impress your audience with your presentation is more obvious – create visually stunning slides. If you are using slides, make sure they are fantastic. It is easier than you think to make your presentation stand out with dynamic slides. You can pull stock photos, use different templates, or if you are a graphic designer (or can enlist their help), you can create unique slides that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, before you present, leave time for yourself to rehearse. You may think you know the presentation inside and out, but until you run through the presentation in a rehearsal, you will not be able to pick up on any hiccups in the flow of the presentation that could trip you up. A well-rehearsed presentation will come off as effortless to your audience. In addition, it will calm your nerves if you have a good grip on the material.