Promotion Time: The 3 Things Managers Want


When managers begin to consider promoting an employee, it rarely is based solely on seniority. Instead, it is a combination of education, experience, initiative and other key factors that show an employee is the best option. As an employee, if you want to be considered for any type of promotion, you will need to work hard, be accountable for your career, and develop the right skills. Getting to that next level requires you to understand the key drivers of promotions. The best place to begin is to be great at your current job and acquire the specific skills needed for the new role you desire.

In addition, here are a few ways you can stand out and help your manager see you as a good option the next time they are looking for someone to promote:

1. Get Your Work Done

If you want to be seriously considered for a promotion, you need to be able to prioritize your work and show that you can handle additional responsibility. If you have multiple projects, make sure you can determine the ones you start first based on importance and deadlines. Be willing to put in the work when it’s needed and put in extra effort to get things done on time. You also need to be ready to jump in wherever you are needed. By showing you can get your work done, you are telling your manager that you are reliable and they can depend on you to always get things done efficiently.

2. Stay on Your Manager’s Promotion Radar

Don’t let yourself fall off your manager’s radar. To be seriously considered for the next promotion, you need to be memorable. One way to accomplish this is by volunteering for projects or proactively asking for more responsibility. This will give you the opportunity to get more experience in your current role, show off your skill set, and gain greater name recognition by consistently getting in front of your manager. Managers are always on the lookout for new talent so your next project or responsibility you take on could be the one that gets you the promotion you have been eyeing!

3. Avoid Office Drama

While it is important to understand office politics, don’t let yourself get in the middle of office drama and gossip. Getting caught up in petty politics is a good way to ruin your chances for a promotion. You may not get along with all of your coworkers; however managers want to see that you can handle working with colleagues you don’t necessarily mesh with. If you are not able to demonstrate this, they won’t think you are prepared for the next step. You need to be able to work with different personalities and in less than ideal situations, especially if you are planning on working your way up to a role in upper management.

Managers are happy to help you succeed and move up the career ladder, but you have to make the effort and show you are worthy. Work hard and be vocal about your career goals. Your managers will take notice and will be happy to help you thrive.