Project Managers Becoming Better Leaders


Being a project manager is an important role to take on. You become the leader of a team and you are in charge of ensuring a project’s success. However, simply holding the title of project manager does not inherently make you a good leader. To be a good leader, project managers need to consistently work on developing their leadership skills to ensure the success of the project team and the project itself.

What it takes to make a project manager a great leader cannot simply be boiled down to success rates on projects and the ability to please upper management. A project manager needs to be someone who can bring together their team members and help them improve. As a project manager, there are a few tips you should keep in mind which will help you become the leader that your project team can look up to.

Without communication, everything breaks down

Any leader who is considered successful understands the importance of clear communication. Communication is one of the biggest responsibilities for a project manager and their team members. If communication is not clearly established, too many things can go wrong with the project timeline, budget, and customer satisfaction can become compromised. If you are not a good communicator, the harsh reality is you will never be successful as a project manager or as a leader in general. Project management is an area that you need to be able to effectively and efficiently communicate to ensure the success of your projects and your project team.

A true leader is confident in their abilities and decisions

Being a confident leader will help your project team and your customers feel like they can rely on you. Throughout the duration of a project, a project manager needs to be able to make the right decision quickly at times. When these decisions need to be made, you need to exude confidence in the choices you make. Convey to your team that you know what the right decision is and this will inspire them to feel as though they can face any challenge that is presented.

Remember your team members are your allies

Focus on how you and your project team can work together to achieve project success. Help your team members focus on common goals and make them feel as though they are part of a team that will not judge them. The more open and inviting the team is, the more comfortable each individual will be; this will lead to more brainstorming and creative thinking. You should also encourage them to develop as individuals and as a team. The key to becoming a great leader is to not only be confident in yourself, but also to be confident in your team. You should strive for excellent results while also providing guidance and support when needed. If you know your team can achieve excellence, this will be reflected in your actions as a leader and your team will rise to the occasion with every new project.

Teams rely on the leadership of a project manager for guidance and encouragement

If you reflect great leadership qualities, your team will be stronger and will be ready to rise to any challenges the project may present. By focusing on becoming a great leader as well as a great project manager, you will increase the efficiency and performance of your team which will lead to a successful project.