How Introverts Succeed in a Collaborative Workplace


For those of us who are more introverted, it’s easy to assume that your demeanor might not give you the same opportunities as your more extroverted coworkers. There is a common misconception that introverts are not the best workers because they are seen as unenthusiastic or withdrawn. If you are an introvert, you may have to overcome this perception but accomplishing this is actually not as difficult as you may think.

The key to succeeding in the workplace as an introvert is to tap into the qualities that generally come with being an introvert. As an introvert, your listening skills are already very strong which is great for working on a team and working with clients. In addition to this, you have a talent for being open and enthusiastic to others’ ideas. Though you may be quiet you can be a great leader in the workplace if you can become more comfortable discussing your accomplishments and strengths. Your ability to be patient and not make impulsive decisions will only add to your leadership.

Succeeding in the workplace is a difficult task for any employee; it takes a lot of hard work to get noticed and work your way up. If you are anything like me and a little more introverted, it can take a little extra effort on our part to get noticed.

Seven tips for introverts in a collaborative workplace

1. Find quiet places for yourself. Perhaps you can find a quieter spot to work or you can find a space to go when you are feeling stressed to help you focus. Regardless, do what you need to do to get that little bit of peace and quiet when you are feeling overwhelmed.

2. Even if you need to find a quiet moment to yourself during the day, don’t let yourself get sucked into your own universe. Make sure you are checking in with your colleagues and forming connections instead of cutting yourself off completely.

3. If you are working long hours with a team, or you are spending day after day networking, make sure you are taking time to rest and renew. For example, after a conference where you have been “on” 24/7, take a day to work from home to re-focus and de-stress.

4. When you can, ask great questions. You may be more quiet but you take the time to think, so put it to good use and ask meaningful questions that will help you figure out what’s important to the company’s and your own success.

5. Form relationships with coworkers and be a part of the team. You can start this easily by giving feedback on others’ work – a simple compliment can go a long way. Also, don’t be afraid to share your own ideas with the group.

6.  Build a strong network through one-on-one connections. Group situations may intimidate introverts, but you thrive in one-on-one situations. Try to maximize this skill and hone in on one person at a time. You can still build a strong network of connections this way!

7. Excel at tasks that require less face time and really push yourself to do quality work.