Companies Looking to Lean on Strategic CIOs


It’s the time of the year when IT leaders are eagerly outlining new visions and divvying up fresh budgets. But within many offices, the tone is a bit different this time around. While the CIO’s powers may have been limited in the post-recession years, chances are they are being called upon to occupy a more substantial and strategically significant role in 2013.

According to the latest industry survey from CIO Magazine, the coming year will be about transforming perception. While some business teams have traditionally regarded the IT department as an isolated arm of the organization, communication and integration will be of the utmost importance moving forward. As one IT leader suggested, the only way to establish credibility will be to take an active interest in a wider variety of functional areas.

Some may even go so far as to send IT employees out into the field for a day, according to Tech Republic, as a means of reconnecting with their company’s core offerings and frontline interactions.

These initiatives constitute more than merely keeping up appearances. With a broader knowledge and keener interest in more areas, CIO Magazine suggested that IT can transform itself from the number people call to implement a new idea to the original source of business innovation.

From customizing a new sales database from the ground up to automating reporting procedures for the accounting department, there are any number of ways for IT to increase its prestige and deliver transformative results in 2013.


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