Top Career Focused Resolutions for 2015


The new year is almost here, which means out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to resolutions, we often stay motivated for the first month or so and then let the distractions of everyday life take over, causing us to stray from our goals. The new year is a time to set personal goals, but it is equally as important to set goals specifically for work. Here is our list of career focused resolutions for 2015, and some tips for staying on track.

Our top career focused resolutions

Be More Organized

Creating and maintaining organization can be difficult, and it would be easy to become overwhelmed with a goal that’s too broad and unfocused like “organize everything”. Instead, focus on just a few areas where you could be more organized, stick to just those areas, and maintain them. It could be anything from your emails to your meeting notes. Starting small is often the best method, and once you start to get good at it, it will naturally carry over into other areas.

Create a Win Column

There’s rarely ever a shortage of opportunities to learn from our mistakes at work. But how often are we taking the time to note of our successes and learn from them as well? In 2015, keep track of the successes you have, both great and small. Looking back on them and identifying what allowed you to be successful will not only give you insight on how to continue that success, it will give you a chance to take that insight to your peers and managers to potentially implement changes and create company-wide success.

Stop the Online Time Wasting

We talked recently about how Buzzfeed, Pinterest and other online time traps kill productivity, and Facebook and Twitter continue to take up too much of professionals’ work day. What might seem like a quick break to clear your head, quickly spirals into way too much lost time at work. When you’re in the office, make a goal keep the personal browsing to a minimum. Allow yourself five to 10 minutes for that during your lunch hour, and then focus on work, knowing that your news feed will still be there when you get home.

Better Yourself Professionally

The most common goals around the New Year are designed to help us better ourselves. We want to eat healthier, sleep more, exercise consistently, and take better care of ourselves personally. And the same should apply to your work life. Set goals to better yourself professionally. Find a unique strength of yours and brainstorm ways to use that strength to bring more value to your work, or to help coworkers become stronger in that area. Find new areas where you’d like to build expertise and attend webinars and workshops, where you can develop skills and share helpful information and tips with your colleagues. Investing in training and development will fuel both your personal success and the success of your company.

Build Connections

Networking tends to take a back seat when we’re busy with work, but building valuable connections can often make a tremendous difference in your career. Connecting with new peers and colleagues will give you a greater number of people to learn from and share ideas with. To accomplish this goal, try to identify an opportunity each month or quarter to meet new people. Whether it’s joining professional groups, attending workshops and events, and even just getting to know more of your coworkers, it will all expand your personal network and expand your professional opportunities in 2015.

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