5 Sneaky Ways to Get Noticed at Work


It’s every employee’s dream to get noticed by upper level executives in the workplace. Everyone wants to shine in hopes that it will help them crawl up the ladder to success and, most importantly, job security. If you want a chance to turn heads in the workplace and have your potential truly realized and appreciated, here are some easy (and a little sneaky) ways to get noticed at work.

#1 Sneaky Way to Get Noticed at Work:

Speak Up and Share Your Ideas

It may not seem sneaky and may be the most obvious tip in the world, but actually doing it does require you to be a bit sneaky when you are getting your ideas in the conversation and seeing them realized. The truth is, even if you ideas don’t take hold, your employer will see you as a thinker and a contributor. This can lead them to specifically come to you when they are looking for new ideas and projects. Just make sure that you are submitting your ideas in the appropriate fashion. Speaking up about an idea completely unrelated to what you are talking about in a meeting will certainly give your employer the wrong impression. Make sure you are ready with your ideas so you can share them intelligently.

#2 Sneaky Way to Get Noticed at Work:

Seek New Responsibility

Many employees like to sink into a normal routine and ambition can fall to the wayside. However, if you really want to get noticed at work and be considered seriously for promotion, taking on new responsibility is important. This doesn’t mean simply accepting responsibility when it is given to you. If your workload has room for you to take on more responsibility, ask for it. Offer to help with projects you aren’t already involved with. Even if you only have a small part in helping someone, your employer will take note of your initiative and keep you in mind the next time a promotion comes around.

#3 Sneaky Way to Get Noticed at Work:

Exceed Deadlines

Have a deadline for a project you were assigned? One of the most noticeable traits in an employee is whether they can meet deadlines or not. If you can exceed deadlines, you have just shown an admirable quality to your employer; one that can be pretty rare in today’s workforce. Try to complete projects the day before they are due (or even earlier if you are able). Just make sure your quality of work does not suffer in the process. Employers love to see people who can effectively manage their time AND produce a quality end result earlier than expected.

#4 Sneaky Way to Get Noticed at Work:

Always Show Your Best Work

You can be efficient and still make sure you are taking the time to make your work the best you possibly can. Not everything you complete is always perfect, but never skimp on making sure you are submitting the best work you possibly can. Efficient work is extremely important in the workplace, but you should never rush into showing work that isn’t your best. That may get you noticed by your employer, but not in the way you desire.

#5 Sneaky Way to Get Noticed at Work:

Ask Questions

Are you confused about an assignment or something discussed in a meeting? Ask the questions before you make a mistake and move ahead with incorrect or incomplete information. Asking questions does not single you out as less intelligent (unless you are legitimately not paying attention and missed the information you should already have). Great employees need to have confidence to ask in depth questions either in meetings or anytime you are hesitant about something. This shows that you are paying attention and seriously thinking about the topic at hand. That attention to detail is yet another quality an employer will look for and take note of.

Now go into your workplace with your head held high and show your employer exactly how great of an asset you are!


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