Safely migrating custom applications to the cloud


Moving an application and the critical data it carries to a cloud computing environment is a move many organizations are pondering right now, but David Linthicum wrote on InfoWorld that there are many considerations that must be taken into account. Businesses should consider what changes may need to be made to custom applications to better take advantage of cloud services.

“In many instances, this means the application should undergo a change in architecture before moving to the cloud,” he wrote. “Such changes might include the decoupling of data to allow for better distribution intracloud or intercloud. Consider moving to a services-oriented approach, which works and plays well with the abstraction of cloud services through APIs.”

Linthicum believes potential adopters should also consider altering their app to better take advantage of native cloud features. As far as what companies should not do, he advises staying away from the cloud hype machine and focusing purely on objective benefits. Organizations should also never forget about performance, security and governance in the cloud, making each of these a priority for the app.

Industry professional Jake Robinson wrote on Data Center Knowledge that moving applications to the cloud has to take into account the gravity of the app and data which will be moving. He said there is no easy way to shrink this data, so businesses must figure out which may need to be protected more than others. Especially for enterprises that have a lot of transactions in apps, there needs to be a lot of data replication. This should be well planned in advance to assure the custom applications will migrate smoothly into the cloud.