On-premise and custom applications in the cloud can work together


Combining custom applications in the cloud with on-premise tools can be done, according to what industry professional Joe McKendrick wrote on ZDNet, but many companies may see more of a benefit in running cloud computing apps on their own.

“Bringing these worlds together is important, since it’s unlikely that enterprises will tear up their on-premise investments to move to the cloud,” he wrote. “Yet, it’s also a reality that a large number of businesses rely on the cloud for at least some of their capabilities.”

A recent report by Forrester, written by McKendrick, said only a small amount of businesses have replaced or plan to replace Java or .NET platforms with cloud computing solutions, but one in four are interested in combining on-premise and custom applications in the cloud. Organizations may not know how to do this at first, but there will need to be a new way of thinking about the issue, McKendrick said, as shifts must be made to one-off integration projects to constant flexibility and movement, business value needs to be emphasized and systems or records need to be combined with systems of engagement.

There are already many custom applications in the cloud starting to take over for on-premise apps. A recent report by Spiceworks called the “Voice of IT” found that the number of on-premise installations shrank by 3 percent to 49 percent while hosted email grew by 4 percent to 46 percent over the past year. Cloud computing has been used to allow organizations to reduce the burden on staff, save money and have access to email or data whenever it is needed.


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