Evaluation key for creating custom applications in the cloud


Creating a custom application to move critical data and processes into the cloud can be a great idea for organizations, but executives must be sure the prospective hosting provider is being properly evaluated to ensure everything goes smoothly. Dave LeClair, senior director of strategy at Stratus Technologies, told CIO.com many organizations are starting to create custom applications in the cloud and moving beyond issues such as security.

“But, what is also clear from this year’s results is for cloud adoption to continue accelerating beyond its current pace, companies are going to be looking to vendors to enable always-on infrastructures that support their more critical business applications in this new environment,” he said. “Companies need to take a hard look at which applications they are putting in the cloud, then, consider what’s involved in managing this shift from a resource, skillset, cost and complexity standpoint.”

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud custom application for business, so LeClair said the organization must be sure mission-critical apps are always available when they are needed.

Many industries and agencies that prefer to work with a semblance of secrecy are taking to cloud computing applications for mission-critical tools, including police departments, according to a recent report from The International Association of Chiefs of Police. Jeff Gould, president of SafeGov and CEO of Peerstone Research, told GCN.com that police agencies are on the verge of broad migration to cloud computing for mission-critical applications even as many remain skeptical. In every instance, it is essential groups remain diligent about researching the provider before adopting its services.


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