Many alternative healthcare organizations work to capture data around community healthcare needs and underserved populations. The rigorous requirements for grant-funded academic research within the industry and security issues around healthcare data capture are a constant struggle for many. The people-centered programs that health organizations provide are invaluable to a community, but many organizations struggle to find a software solution that can maintain the integrity and security needed for their records but can be easily modified for new programs and additional data gathering. 

Data and technology needs within healthcare are vast. Keeping track of all the day-to-day challenges of patient records, pharmaceutical records, medication monitoring, forms between organizations, instrument tracking, machine maintenance, and continued training for staff all have to be managed and is often done in clunky spreadsheets, paper files, or software solutions that are poorly structured for the changing needs. To add to the challenge, much of what happens around patients and clients revolves around keeping their captured healthcare data secure. 

Clunky processes can cause issues with delayed healthcare, challenges in access, denied funding, and more. In addition, the demand for electronic health records (EHR) that can move easily with a patient to a variety of healthcare providers is growing. More and more healthcare organizations are realizing the need to migrate their records to a digital platform. Rasmussen University touted EHRs as being one of the most prominent transformations in the healthcare industry and implied that one effort alone could help a multitude of departments within an organization. 

The demand for new business models in healthcare also is causing these organizations to rethink their operations in new ways,  which means modernizing and digitizing many operations. Even healthcare executives are looking for business-building solutions that can help them manage new healthcare initiatives and mandates. A recent article published by McKinsey & Company revealed that innovation is key for successful healthcare organizations,  “The market for new business innovation was moving very quickly pre-COVID-19 and has accelerated during the pandemic….Executives must be able to experiment, learn, and pivot with pace, to ensure the best product and market fit that will unlock scaling.” 

Although many software solutions are out there, ones tailored to the industry have often been difficult to make changes to, and other platforms may not have the right tools to customize for healthcare data capture or needed operations.

Low-code application platforms can often be exactly the right tool for solving the challenges of data capture for healthcare organizations. TrackVia has many healthcare customers that have created a wide variety of applications to suit their needs. In particular, the Camden Coalition was looking for a solution that would be quickly set up, easy to adopt, and could be customized for a variety of programs to capture the data they needed for publications and grant applications. 

The Camden Coalition had looked at many application-building options before settling in on TrackVia. They initially were looking for an application solution that could be used for data capture for a randomized control trial and with TrackVia’s security and ability to be customized it fit the bill. Not only was it an easy system to set up, but maintaining was also a breeze. Stephen Singer, Senior Manager for Information Architecture and Data Analytics at Camden Coalition understood the needs of his organization and eventually saw the benefits of expanding the use of TrackVia to multiple departments. 

Download the Camden Coalition healthcare data capture case study if you’re interested in learning more about the Camden Coalition and their reason for choosing TrackVia.

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