Recently, Forrester suggested your business should digitize all its processes. A great Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can help businesses along that path. For example, using an ERP system for ordering might include subsystems for accounting and warehousing, thereby centralizing data and data collection. However, changes to the system can become monumental and consume extra resources from the IT department. In reality, no one wants to touch the ERP. Integrating a low-code/no-code (LCNC) platform, like TrackVia can simplify processes for departments and easily synchronize with your ERP system. You can extend the value of your ERP without modifying it.

What does it look like to integrate ERP with low-code?

You may already have an integration between a shipping carrier and a warehouse system. However, do you have a dashboard to notify management to change the scheduling in the warehouse to handle a surge or delay of orders? Does your ERP produce an automated timesheet reminder that is sent to employees? With a low-code platform integration, notifications could be presented in a dashboard to the CFO or warehouse manager in real time, allowing them to make adjustments, so there are no overtime cost surprises at the end of the month.

Does your ERP tell all impacted departments when a manufactured component is ready for the next process? Are automatic notifications sent to pertinent departments when back ordered components are received? By adding a low-code platform, a notification could trigger other processes or sign offs needed to complete a process or order and keep track of all the little things that keep assembly and order processes running with no lag or downtime.

With a low-code platform, you could also have the serial numbers of the components scanned and tracked by lot number and manufacturer— and a finished product could list associated components, to help with quality control. The finished product can even be linked to an order in the ERP improving the customer experience and helping procurement identify quality problems with sourcing. Using a centralized dashboard, department A can log completed assemblies and department B can see what is ready for them to pick up or learn what different locations are doing and work to make improvements where needed.

Customer Service
By integrating your ERP with a low-code platform, you could keep track of common questions, determine commonalities, and work to standardize and automate answers. All without having to jump back and forth between your ERP and other systems.

Compliance & Error Handling
Do you have reporting requirements that must be tracked by law that need a myriad of reports? Compliance can be costly in some industries and mistakes can hold back needed certifications or worse – can your ERP simplify the process? TrackVia has helped numerous companies to track legal and compliance elements to make reporting easy and efficient.

One of the toughest things for an ERP to track are exceptions or errors in data input. Data entered by untrained people but fed in a standard way into the ERP can lead to frustration if they’re unsure of the ERP requirements and they often put in odd info to get to the next screen…now what? TrackVia’s platform can be set up to recognize errors then notifications can be sent to the right people to get errors corrected in a timely manner before getting pushed back to the ERP.

LCNC Provides Control & Insight
The great thing about integrating a low-code platform into your ERP is that you can have dashboards for everyone, not only senior management. You can track and manage processes that can be controlled at different levels and ensure visibility that can impact change and ultimately reduce costs. Overall, it makes sense to have an LCNC application in your lineup making it easier to do the day-to-day processes that your ERP system just can’t manage efficiently.

TrackVia is a fast and cost-effective way to enhance your software delivery and take full advantage of automating processes. Learn more about the tool that is driving more than 50% improvement in productivity. If you’d like to discuss more about how to get a low-code platform into your business, contact us!

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