Forms are everywhere and are great candidates for digitizing your processes at work, right? We see paper forms in doctor’s offices, on job site safety audits, vendor questionnaires, and a million other places. But what if the form is only in paper format and you don’t have a PDF copy or a Word document? This one single piece of paper has been photocopied a million times and it seems like it will be that way forever. You may have a file cabinet full of these types of forms, all for different processes that change slightly over time, requiring manual data entry into another system that is time consuming and error-prone.

At TrackVia, we’ve created a better, faster, and easier way for you to digitize all those forms, provide access to those who need it, and put all your data in one place – you’ll never have to manually enter stacks of data in again.

TrackVia FasTrackTM is so easy to use – you might think it’s a unicorn, but no – it’s real! Get your forms digitized in an app using these simple steps:

  1. Open your TrackVia account or Free Trial.
  2. Launch the FasTrack flow from your settings menu.
  3. Take a picture of a blank (not filled out) form with your mobile phone or tablet (or upload a file from your device).
  4. TrackVia does the rest – your digital data collection application will be shown to you in a matter of seconds.
  5. Approve the fields captured from your form or make quick changes as needed.
  6.  Push your form out to your TrackVia users using all of the roles and permissions tools TrackVia makes available to you.

As a Product Manager at TrackVia, it’s my passion to help develop tools that make it easier for companies to explore citizen development and transform their business with low/no-code solutions, and I’m excited to hear about the value that FasTrack will provide to your organization!

We’ve got answers to a few common questions that you may have when getting started.

How long will it take?
This somewhat depends on the form size, but it literally could take less than a minute to go from a paper form to a fully functional data-collection app that can securely and scalably replace your paper forms forever.

Is it really that easy?
YES! It’s hard to believe you can get up and running that fast, but it’s true! TrackVia offers you the fastest way to get started in low-code for your business.

What if I don’t have a paper copy of my form?
You can upload a PDF form, or even start from scratch if you know the fields you need and the data you need to capture. The best part is, starting from a blank slate, you can easily get up and running in a matter of minutes from your mobile device.

You’re on the go and in the field – login to TrackVia, and start working on your tablet or phone with your staff or field workers to develop a useful app in seconds.

What if I don’t have TrackVia?
It’s now easier than ever to get started with TrackVia using our new Mobile-Only offering. TrackVia Mobile is ideal for situations where the majority of your users are out in the field, either on their own or company-provided devices. If you need to collect any on-site data, perform inspections, or have tracking projects and mobile devices are your primary tool – TrackVia Mobile is for you. Reach out to Request a Demo or Start a Free Trial and see just how easy it is!

For more information on FasTrack™ click here!


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