TrackVia triggered fields add speed & flexibility to your apps


We are excited to announce a new TrackVia feature called Triggered Fields. Triggered Fields are a brand new type of calculated field that are going to add flexibility and speed to your apps. They allow you to run your calculations when you save a record, which allows you to tailor your applications exactly to your specifications. Let’s take a closer look.


Let me give you an example of when you should continue to use our traditional Calculated Fields. Let’s say you have an app that requires calculations that run on demand when you open your views or records. For example, calculations based on time functions like NOW() or TODAY(). Every time you open a view or form, the calculation will be done at that exact moment guaranteeing accuracy.

For example, let’s say you perform maintenance on your company assets. When you log into TrackVia at 8:00 A.M. every morning you want to see which assets are due for maintenance today. First let’s take our Last Maintenance Date and add 90 days to that, which is our Maintenance Interval. If that date is equal to today, or it is overdue, I want to know. The moment I update the last maintenance date for the asset, it will get pushed out 90 days into the future and will show up in my queue on that date.

Calculated Field Example:

if(dateadd({Last Maintenance Date},{Maintenance Interval},”d”) >= Today(), “Maintenance Is Required”,”No Maintenance Needed”)

Some TrackVia customers have monster applications that need to run very large and computationally intensive functions—but they only need to run them when they save a record or when a child record is added. These types of applications can leverage Triggered Fields. A good example is when you have line items that roll up to an invoice. The order total only needs to be calculated when you save the invoice. Using a Triggered Field for this function will increase app speed when running reports and opening records related to your sales numbers because all of your sales calculations will have taken place beforehand.

Triggered Field Example:

sum({Line Items}.{Link to Invoice}.{Line Item Price}

Triggered Fields are a new concept in TrackVia and we are here to help! Check out for more information, or give our customer success team a call at 800-673-3302.


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