TrackVia shortcuts: Make your work(flow)

At TrackVia, we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to helping our customers gain visibility into and control over their critical operations by seamlessly connecting their people, processes and data. We know that if we can enable companies to work smarter, they will reap benefits that translate directly to their bottom line. That said, we also know that any system provided to employees to help them streamline their work should fit seamlessly into their day. After all, shouldn’t the business systems we use at work be as intuitive and easy-to-use as the ones we use in our everyday life? We certainly think so.

Introducing TrackVia Shortcuts

With this in mind, TrackVia is proud to unveil our latest workflow enhancement: Shortcuts.  TrackVia Shortcuts give you the option to create custom buttons for your dashboards that link to your users’ most important workflows.  This means that customizing your users’ TrackVia experience just got even easier! In fact, the shortcuts feature is extremely straightforward to configure and even more effortless for your users to work with.  Let’s take a look at the setup.

Start by editing a dashboard and selecting the “More” tab in the left hand panel.  Click “Add” next to “Shortcut Panel” to bring the new element onto the dashboard.  Once you’ve added the panel, you can then click “Add Shortcut” to add one of three shortcut choices.  

  • Add Data (with a form)
  • Search (in a view)
  • Open a View

You will have the option to choose the form or view to use for the shortcut, customize the text on the button or in the search bar, as well as add a description or instructions for your users.  Shortcut panels can be sized just like any other element on the dashboard to meet the needs of your users.


In an attempt to make shortcuts even shorter, we added a special configuration for our iOS and Android apps.  The ‘search’ shortcut can be configured to “Scan First on Mobile.”


With this option checked, clicking the ‘scan for products’ shortcut button will launch your mobile device’s barcode scanner to help you find product, inventory, asset or similar information even faster than before. 


Although scanning this Han Solo sticker will most likely not yield results, we do support more than a dozen of the most popular types of barcodes, including QR Codes.

Make Work(flow) with TrackVia Shortcuts

TrackVia’s mission is to help you drive organizational performance by improving your ability to make your company’s work(flow).  Shortcuts is just one of our new features that we believe helps achieve this goal, and we are excited to announce that there will many more enhancements, like this one, to come.  We would love to get your feedback on this feature, so we can continue to support your organization’s unique workflows. If you have questions or feedback, please visit or reach out to our customer success team at 800-673-3302.