TrackVia Mobile Form Fields Are Better Than Ever!


Are you a TrackVia administrator? We have great news for you. You now have full control over TrackVia mobile form fields! With today’s release, TrackVia admins can now control what features are enabled on mobile devices for your users.

You asked, and we listened

In speaking with many of our customers that use our iOS and Android apps, we have learned that there are sometimes instances where a data collection workflow could be greatly improved with the ability to turn off (or hide) certain features on mobile forms.

Some of the great feedback we’ve received about TrackVia mobile forms fields included:

“I want to be able to hide the barcode scan option from most fields so my users know specifically where to scan.”

“I love the barcode scanner and use it all the time, but it’s not required for every field in the table. I would like to be able to remove it if it’s not being used on a field.”

“I am not using barcode scanning in any of my fields, so I’d like the option to remove it from view on the mobile app, as” it takes up a lot of real estate.”

Now you control when to show a barcode scan icon, and when to now show it. Similarly, you can control whether you want to display a signature field or a simple image field on your form.

TrackVia Mobile Form Fields In Depth

All newly created custom forms in TrackVia will have the barcode scanning turned off by default unless you choose to enable this feature for mobile forms. Similarly, the document field will have the file sharing option turned off by default. The image field will continue to display the camera and the album picker icons by default in the forms, but will need explicit configuration to make it a signature, and to allow drawing on the photo functionality to be used.

For all your old TrackVia forms, they will continue to display all of the available options until you go back and turn off what’s not needed. This means minimum disruption to your existing workflows, while allowing your forms to be less cluttered if you chose to apply the new options.

Depending on which fields are in use on your form, you can specify which elements show up when the form is accessed from a mobile device. Here are some examples (click to enlarge an image):




We think TrackVia admins will love having this type of explicit control over mobile forms, and that it will make the experience for your end users the best it can be. Our team would love to hear your feedback on TrackVia mobile form fields. You can leave a comment below, or reach out to our Customer Success Team on Twitter @trackviasupport, or by email at


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