TrackVia’s Annual Kickoff 2019

On Jan 25, 2019, over 55 employees gathered from across the U.S. to participate in TrackVia’s annual kickoff at the Kimpton Hotel Born in Denver, CO.

Company kickoffs in general are somewhat predictable: Reviewing last year’s accomplishments and honoring award winners, followed by enumerating goals for the current year, and then ending with a team-building activity. What I particularly enjoy about TrackVia and what makes this company different for me, though, is the energy associated with this dynamic company in the burgeoning low-code platform space.

Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia, started the day by emphasizing how the low code market is wide open, even with other entrants coming into the space. With our product maturing and our proven speed to market, we have plenty of opportunity to increase our market share significantly, especially with TrackVia’s convergence of low code, business process management (BPM) applicability, and mobile app development.

Pete went on to explain how our “Business-led, IT-approved” approach has granted us portals into diverse verticals such as healthcare, financial services, engineering, construction, government, and education because we are able to provide flexible and tailored applications for critical business processes without the traditional “heavy” overhead.

2019: The Year of the Customer

Since re-conceptualizing the product in 2014, TrackVia has experienced tremendous growth. We are recognized in the Gartner Quadrant and Forrester Wave reports as leaders in the industry. It is only natural, as Pete put it, that our focus will now be evolving from product to customer.

Customer focus has always been one of TrackVia’s internal core values. Yet, this year everyone is charged with making that value overwhelmingly ring true. To achieve a competitive difference at the customer level, we want to recognize that customer engagement is a long game commitment. To bring this point home, the agenda included guest speaker, Joel Daly, Co-Founder and CEO of presenting Improving the Customer Journey through a Better Experience.

Joel was engaging and dynamic, especially when leading participatory exercises.

  • To Sales: “What’s your product? Why do I care? How does it help me?”
  • To Implementation: “How are you going to find out my process? How long will it take to make my application?”
  • To Support: “I have a problem. When will I get an answer?”
  • To Accounting: “Can I understand your invoices?”

With Joel’s guidance, we could visualize the end-to-end customer experience from a different perspective, and he challenged us to find ways to improve that experience regardless of which department we worked in.

As I mentioned at the outset, kickoffs often end with a team-building event. TrackVia is no exception. Did I say we were dynamic? How does axe-throwing sound? As a newcomer to this activity, I had plenty of trepidation. But everyone got into the “swing” of it, and we concluded our day with some friendly competition, aiming only at the bullseye targets, of course!

We at TrackVia are excited about 2019 and what’s to come. Along that line, read From the Lens of Low Code: Predictions for 2019 by Walker Fenton, our VP of Product, to learn what he sees is influencing the future of low code platforms and TrackVia.

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