TrackVia iPad App: 5 Ways to Defeat Mobile Excuses


If you thought that the iPad was just a leisure device suitable for occasional reading and watching videos, think again. Across industries, people are using iPads to build game-changing apps (not just games!). You may think that you don’t have the big enterprise budget to spend on taking your business mobile. Think again. With the new TrackVia iPad app, you can achieve mobility in your business that’s cost-effective, agile and remarkably innovative. With TrackVia’s trusted ecosystem, you can quickly design your own mobile-ready business application in no time.


The New TrackVia iPad App Crushes Mobile Excuses

1. You’re stuck with Excel… or worse, pen and paper

Do you have people in your business walking around tracking information with paper and a pen? Perhaps filling out paper forms, which later need to be transcribed, filed and tucked away? Think of the risky mistakes being made and how much that costs your business. Of course, you know it would be great to eliminate paper where possible. But it is extremely costly to get a custom mobile solution built for you, even if you could guarantee that someone else completely understood what your business needs.

What if there was an application platform that let you build a solution exactly like what your business needed, without the hassle of getting someone else do it for you? Would you use it?

As a developer for TrackVia, I have worked with numerous customers who have dealt with a similar issue. Their core business activities needed mobile freedom, yet their existing tools didn’t provide an easy way for their workforce to capture and look up data on the go.


Scenarios involved conducting walk-through home inspections, or creating clean up work orders for large automobiles, train cars, or even large aircrafts. All such situations screamed for a solution that allowed the workforce to quickly and accurately capture data, as well as handle the ability to associate photos with records and annotate the photos when required.

With the TrackVia iPad app, our customers were able to quickly custom tailor applications for their work processes, do minimal training of their workforce and go from idea to implementation in a very short time.

In the past, the business data involved capturing only textual descriptions. Now there is rich content including photos, geolocation of the photos and hand annotated notes on the photos.


2. It’s too expensive to move to a mobile workflow

The TrackVia iPad App allows anyone with an idea and a pain point to get started quickly at a very cost-effective price. According to a survey, it takes about 18 weeks from start to finish to get a polished mobile app. According to other estimates here and here, it could easily cost upwards of $50,000 to $150,000 USD to create a database-driven app.

With the TrackVia iPad app and its application platform ecosystem, you can get started with very little cost and upfront risk. As your business scales, you can grow and expand your TrackVia usage. You can get started with a pilot project very fast and as your business grows, you can add new users and roles easily. You only pay for the kind of growth that suits your needs.

3. Mobile technology is intimidating

You have that feeling in your gut. You know that somehow mobile apps can fundamentally transform the way you work. However, the technology barrier is intimidating. Whether you are in a small business with no formal IT department or a large enterprise with huge IT department, the challenges in adopting a new piece of technology are similar.

If someone gave you, the business domain expert, a quick way to model everything that’s in your head into a mobile technology solution, wouldn’t that be wonderful?


That was the fundamental question that we set out to answer when we started designing our new TrackVia Express product and its accompanying iPad app. TrackVia Express features a drag-and-drop Web interface and requires no programming experience.  The new TrackVia iPad app allows you to use your Web-based application on the go. Best of all, the iPad app, eliminates the need to wait until you’re back in the office to make a change to your custom business applications.

4.   It’s too hard and expensive to change things once programmed

Most businesses evolve and learn as they grow. There are changing business situations and circumstances, which challenge you to adapt. These changes mean that your technology solution must be able to adapt and react fast as well.

The TrackVia iPad app is infinitely flexible. If your business processes change, it just takes a few clicks to change the app itself. As you grow and add more departments, business processes and functions, it’s easy to create new apps, new roles and dashboards and have them accessible to your distributed team.

Changing the nature of things that you track is super easy. The TrackVia iPad app always reflects the latest state of your solution and stays in sync with the changing nature of your business. No more, do you need to go through costly upgrade cycles and change management becomes as easy as point and click.

5. My ideas may be too hard to implement

With the new TrackVia iPad app, your imagination and creativity can meet a flawless execution. The ability to capture new and different types of data allows you to add value to your business processes and gain insights into what’s really going on.

Starting from being able to take pictures and annotate them on the fly, think about the opportunities to document your work beyond simple text.

If you are involved in a business process that requires walking around and documenting, now you have another way of recording the state of things.

With built-in bar code scanning, the app challenges you to reinvent time-consuming processes. Whether it’s scanning special codes to validate or prove presence, or tagging assets and inventory items, to scanning individual materials or components that go into formation of a product design, the possibilities are enormous.

With the ability to capture signatures, you can now have documents and proof of signatures captured directly into your records.


Audio capture capability allows you to create and record not only audio memos, but I’m confident you can think of business situations that can be enhanced by the associated recorded audio. For example, schools can record and track individual kids’ speech progress. Auto mechanics can record characteristics of a certain repair job with a before and after audio recording. Walk-through inspections can now have recorded audio annotations along with the inspection records.



The TrackVia iPad app fundamentally challenges you to rethink your existing business processes and allows you to unchain your workforce. Whether it’s your sales team, inventory team or your healthcare providers, you can go from having an idea to implementing a mobile workflow in hours, if not minutes.

I’d love for you to share how you may use the TrackVia iPad app in your business. Send me your thoughts in the comments section below.