TrackVia’s Growth Investment. Time to Celebrate

TrackVia Investment

Earlier this week, our CEO Pete Khanna, gathered everyone for a momentous announcement: TrackVia has received a major growth investment from Primus Capital, a private equity firm that invests in leading software companies.

During the gathering, Pete described the intense vetting process Primus engaged in, such as calling over 30 customers, contacting competitors, scrutinizing our financials, and of course, the in-depth interviews of every department — right down to looking at our regression code.

The findings? We exhibited industry leadership with a vast potential for growth and displayed an exceedingly high integrity of business practices. Of course, as employees entrenched within TrackVia, we always “felt” we were making great strides, but with the Primus decision to invest our internal perspective was affirmed. Pete commended everyone on their hard work and contribution, “We’ve done so much already with limited resources. Imagine how much more we’ll be able to achieve now!”

I’m super-excited about how this growth capital will allow us to create even more positive touchpoints with our customers, such as:

  • Building upon our great customer service
  • Increasing focus on product design
  • Expanding features to make TrackVia even more competitive
  • Increasing our reach to industry verticals

Ever since I joined TrackVia and learned about low-code workflow platforms, I’ve been amazed at how often I encounter someone who describes their company’s processes as slow, heavy, or cumbersome. Of course, I always immediately and proudly suggest TrackVia as a solution, but now with this announcement I’ll hold my head even higher when doing so. This investment is a major step in the trajectory of our mission to become the most prominent leader in the low-code space, and to that I say “cheers!”

TrackVia InvestmentFor more information about our new growth investment, read our press release.

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