TrackVia grid view: Time for some updates!


You spoke up and we listened!  The new TrackVia grid view release has so many feature enhancements it’s difficult to list them all. Whether you tweeted us, offered a suggestion on our help page, requested an enhancement from your sales rep, or submitted a defect report through a customer support specialist, we want to say thank you for your help! This update to TrackVia grids is for you.

What’s new in TrackVia grid view

Collapsible record ID column
The record id column in a grid view is great for some when it holds critical information.  For others however, it just takes up space. Now, collapsing the column to its minimum width setting will replace the text with a simple icon.


Dynamic row height
We have made some updates to make your data easier to read in grid view. Content will now automatically wrap up to 20 lines.


Date picker updates
The date picker has been updated to make selection easier. Date and date time will now have a today/now button, respectively. This workflow update will help speed up form entry, especially for users of date time fields where instantaneous time stamping is key.


Lookup fields and drop downs
Lookup fields and drop downs have a new look and feel. Bonus: You can search for drop down options.


In-cell edit behaviors are more like Excel
You will just have to play with this one. No more single clicks into the cell. Single click will activate the cell like in Excel… and if you start typing, it will overwrite anything in the cell. If you double click a cell you can edit existing content. If a field is read-only, you can double click into it to read it—this means no more tool tips.   

New sorting
Now you can easily see if columns have sorts applied. Users also have the option to sort by more than three fields. Just click the sort icon in the upper right of a grid view to configure.


Summary views!
With the most recent updates to summary views, you can apply sorts to all columns, as well as adjust the width of all columns. Grand total columns are now available when a summary view is used in a dashboard. There is even a shortcut for jumping directly to the drill-down of a grouped segment—just hover over a grouping to see the pop-out icon. Pro Tip: Power users may want to right click and open in a new tab.


Summary view styling has been updated as well. We made drill-down segments stand out from the summary columns to enhance readability. Scrolling within these opened segments is also much smoother. Pro Tip: Expanded segments will stay open just as you left them.


Other new TrackVia grid view features
To make editing a form even easier for admins, we now have a shortcut in the options menu when viewing a record. Also, use the Copy feature to quickly duplicate a record.


Thank you!
From the Product and Engineering groups here at TrackVia, we want to say thank you for all of the feedback that you have given us. This release is in direct response to your enhancement suggestions. Thanks so much and keep the feedback coming!

What do you think of the new enhancements to TrackVia grid view? Leave a comment for our team below, or send a tweet to @trackviasupport.