The Light Bulbs Go On at OPEX Financial Services

OPEX Financial Services

What I love most about conferences such as OPEX Financial Services is having the opportunity to meet and speak candidly with other attendees about their strategic goals and the business problems they’re looking to solve. I know I’ve done my job when I see light bulbs fire up in the minds of those I’m talking with as they quickly identify and invision where TrackVia can add value to their operations.

In preparation for a conference like OPEX, I ask myself questions like: What challenges do the attendees face? What have our customers in the same industry experienced? How does TrackVia solve those challenges? What trends should people be aware of?

The purpose of these questions is to flip on the light bulbs in my own mind; to connect the dots between the challenges that attendees face and what TrackVia offers so the people I talk with can gain instant value from a conversation.

For OPEX Financial Services I researched industry trends and thought about how our financial services customers all struggled with similar issues stemming from inefficient manual and paper based processes, both in the back-office and customer facing operations.

For example, according to McKinsey, digital presence will begin to outweigh local branch growth in the coming years for both banks and non-banking financial firms, and therefore significant digital investment will continue to drive growth. TrackVia is exactly the type of solution that McKinsey refers to. It drives growth by replacing manual processes consisting of spreadsheets and paper forms with intelligent, custom business apps that improve on-time performance and reduce costs.

Another example includes a recent Verint survey which found that 60% of customer dissatisfaction within the financial industry originates in the back-office. To address some of their customer service issues, Stearns Lending built a custom back-office app with TrackVia that automates, tracks, and reports on post closing activity. The results Stearns realized include improved customer service by automating workflows and providing employees with access to data from multiple systems in real-time. Stearns also reports releasing “trapped cash,” reduced error rates, and improved asset sale cycle times related to its post closing activity.

Of course, nothing can replace the experience of hearing a customer story in person. To that end, at OPEX Financial Services, TrackVia is sponsoring Hacking the System: The Path to Inspiring Grassroots Change, an insightful and interactive presentation by John Green, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Pacific Union Financial. We hope you can join us Wednesday for this session.

Customer stories like these are the needed electricity in conversations. With them, light bulbs go off, ideas form, and we collectively identify ways to help drive improvements across an organization.

With trends like the examples above dominating the financial services space, the opportunity to solve challenges abounds. I am thrilled to be at OPEX and to shed light on how TrackVia offers companies the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to build powerful apps that are business-led and IT approved.

Are you experiencing challenges with manual processes in your operations? Or are you looking for a more custom and cost-effective way to automate processes across your organization? Come talk with the TrackVia team at Booth #3.

Attend Hacking the System: The Path to Inspiring Grassroots Change, or read this Product Brief to learn more about TrackVia and how it can help your organization.

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